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Pont du Gard  

A masterpiece of antiquity
Located 25 km away

The historic center of this former city of the popes is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Located 28 km away

An ancient Roman city renowned for its ancient monuments
Located 15.3 km away
The Ardèche gorges

An impressive canyon with cliffs
dizzying heights reaching up to 300 meters high!
Located 30 km away

First Duchy of France! Where we find the Haribo museum 
Located 23 km away
Sautadet waterfalls

Series of waterfalls and rapids of a progressive level of 15 meters located on the course of the Cèze,
near the town of La Roque-sur-Cèze
Located 28 km away
Isle sur la Sorgue

Nicknamed the Venice of the Comtat, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a very pleasant little town! The walks along the Sorgue are relaxing and so romantic. The beautiful antique shops lining the canals as well as the pretty waterwheels of the river give a particular charm to the city
Located 73 km away
Chateauneuf Pope

If the vine certainly already covered the territory in the Gallo-Roman era, it is really the installation of the Popes in Avignon in the 14th century, and especially Pope John XXII, which will contribute to the reputation of Châteauneuf-du-Pape in building a castle there
Located 28 km away
The Camargue

Reserve for nature lovers of pretty landscapes, both wild and peaceful, composed of ponds, reed beds, marshes and meadows, where horses, bulls, flamingos and herons follow one another
Located 70 km away

City of Art and History, Nîmes is renowned for its ancient heritage and its particularly festive southern atmosphere. Remarkably preserved, the Roman amphitheater from the end of the 1st century and the beginning of the 2nd century, 133 meters long and 101 meters wide, can accommodate up to 24,000 spectators! Open to visitors, these vast arenas regularly host shows, including the famous bullfights and bullfights of the Camargue.
Located 55 km away

And many more places!

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