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Salt pool

Mas Andoli offers a salt pool that stands out in many ways compared to a chlorine disinfected pool.
Salt is so natural that it does not have the negative effects of chemicals on the health of bathers. It does not present any risk of irradiation or allergies for the eyes and the skin, it is odorless.

Heated swimming pool

When fine weather arrives and to extend the swimming season, we have a heat pump that heats the water in the swimming pool from the 1st of may to the 30th of September.


Our swimming pool has a submerged shutter, which ensures safety. It is an invisible mechanism at the end of the pool, placed in a secure space. Its operation is simple, with a turn of the key.


We provide you with a solar shower, a towel per guest and 8 sun loungers.

Pool House

The swimming pool is accompanied by a pool house, you will find a mini bar, a relaxation lounge and a large convivial table for breakfasts and dinners. Music possible on request.
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